Welcome to my Firewood Site!


I’m Elliot and I’ve been selling firewood since I was 12 years old. In the past four years I’ve provided the best, super dry hardwood to people in the Manotick, Barrhaven and Ottawa South areas. Most of my sales come from repeat customers. I promise if you try my firewood, you’ll be a customer for good!


Why my Firewood is the Best!

Our home has been heated with wood for a long time. Since I am in charge of providing the firewood, I know good firewood! Here’s what you to look for in a firewood supplier..

  1. Only buy hardwood species with high BTU. I buy my logs from reputable loggers who provide excellent wood such as maple, ash and oak. All my wood is solid, no punky or soft stuff for my customers.
  2. Make sure it’s split properly. I split my wood into what I call “phyne cut” or what my parents call “stove cut”. It’s split finer than most so you can control the size of your fire and how long it burns. It takes longer to produce but I think you get a better product.
  3. Test to make sure the firewood is properly seasoned, in other words properly dried. My wood is split then dried for 6 months minimum and has the characteristic “clack” sound when you knock 2 pieces together. That’s a good way to tell if your wood is dry.
  4. Don’t let them sell you junk!  My wood is clean. No mud/dirt coated wood, busted up pieces,  piles of bark, etc. I just deliver good wood.
  5. Be careful about getting the correct quantities. Some of my customers were surprised when I delivered their first cord. One lady said she had only ordered one cord and why was I delivering two? Some guys try to rip you off.
  6. Deal with someone who is prompt and courteous. I deliver when promised and will pile it if you need me to. $10 extra

My new Split-Fire wood splitter

I’ve always used a standard cylinder splitter but this year I bought a Split-Fire machine. I expect this will increase my capacity quite a lot. Check out their web-site at http://www.split-fire.com/

Are you interested in buying firewood?

My firewood sells for $125/face cord (8′ x 4′ x 16″) delivered to your home. I will also pile it for you for an extra $10.

The best way to contact me is through email elliotsfirewood@gmail.com. Thank you!